Cyber Privacy Suite – 12 Months license


Important Details About The Cyber Privacy Suite

  • Anti-tracking algorithm
  • Encrypted login credentials
  • It has a mechanism for identity protection
  • Internet security
  • Protection and alerts in real-time
  • Blocks outsiders accessing your webcam and microphone
  • Searches the Dark Web for your data
  • Encrypted documents vault
  • Blocks behavioral tracking
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Cyber Privacy Suite Stops Web Tracking!

Your digital information and web behaviour are constantly tracked, monitored, and logged every day. The information gathered is then processed, sold, and used by various 3rd parties. This privacy package can stop this from happening.

With A Secured VPN, You Can Stay Safe And Anonymous Online!

When using an unsecured connection, your online, social media, and shopping activity are open for others to monitor. This means that others can also log in and abuse your accounts and activity. The Cyber Privacy Suit equips your device with a secure VPN connection that will encrypt your messages and communications. It will also protect your online activity and secure any digital actions you take when using a WiFi connection.

Stop Hackers Accessing Your Webcam and Microphone!

Hackers can access your webcam and microphone. This allows people to see and hear through your device. It gives them access to private rooms in your home including the living room, bedrooms, and even bathrooms. Your hacked webcam and microphone details can be sold on the dark web for under $5. Cyber Privacy Suit blocks your device and protects your family.


Here Are Some of the Highlights Included in the Cyber Privacy Suite

Stops third parties from fingerprinting – Cyber Privacy Suite scrambles fingerprinting profiling. This is attempted by 3rd parties so they can track your online activity. Your data is then used to make a profit.

The suite secures your personal data to stop identity theft – Cyber Privacy Suite will advise you to remove sensitive and personal data that is unsafe. This feature ensures that your personal information is not easily stolen by identity thieves.

Secure VPN gateways – With secure VPN gateways you can be confident that while shopping, streaming, and socialising online your data is safe. Purchase and install Cyber Privacy Suite to enjoy a fully secured VPN connection. You have more than 20 locations available to connect from.

Blocks access to your microphone and webcam– Cyber Privacy Suite puts a block on all external and internal access attempts to your webcam and microphone. This stops hackers from abusing and accessing your device.

Blocks tracking – Once installed, Cyber Privacy Suite removes logged browsing habits and login details. This reduces the chances of that data being stolen and abused. It also stops the information from being used by 3rd parties.

Included features on the Cyber Privacy Suite:

Anti-tracking – Cyber Privacy Suite blocks fingerprinting, tracking and, data mining attempts by hackers and 3rd parties. This secures your web habits and information so it can’t be collected and abused.

Identity Protection – Protect yourself against identity theft with Cyber Privacy Suite. The software can reveal where your mailing address, phone number, email address, and credit card information are stored so you can delete them.

Microphone and webcam blocker – When using Cyber Privacy Suite, you will block all access attempts to your webcam and microphone so they cannot be hacked and sold.

Blocks behavioural tracking – Cyber Privacy Suite removes any login details and logged browsing habits. This eliminates the chances of those credentials being stolen.

Protection and alerts in real-time – Malware is always advancing and changing. Cyber Privacy Suite will have an immediate response time. The software monitors your computer 24/7. It looks for phishing attempts and blocks them in real-time.

Removes Login credentials – Cyber Privacy Suite will scan your computer for traceable login credentials on your favorite websites, service providers, and portals. It will remove those traces if you choose, so they cannot be traced and used.

Cookie Blocking – Cyber Privacy Suite has a set-and-forget setting for advanced cookie blocking. This allows you to automatically block cookies that are believed to be malicious or privacy risks.

Document scanner – The privacy software can locate local documents that may contain identity-related information. These could be your bank account numbers or credit card numbers. You will be alerted upon detection and you will be advised to either delete or secure those files.

Digital Delivery
Our products are digital delivery only. This means that no disc or installation media will be sent to you in the post.

Digital Delivery

Our products are digital delivery only. This means that no disc or installation media will be sent to you in the post.

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